About Us

About HAMLIN Portrait®

HAMLIN Portrait is dedicated to the belief that people can enhance connections to loved ones, to goals, memories, or inspiration by the use of our unique patented timepiece. Every one of our watches open to reveal a secret chamber for special words and photo that can be viewed often throughout the day.

The watch design was the "brain child" of a clinical psychotherapist and life coach as a simple way to galvanize the power of intention. Now, an emotional connection or touchstone, is actualized as you check the time-And just knowing that there is a secret inside reinforces one's commitment and resolve.

Research supports this technique of "focusing." Psychological studies have proved that when people view positive personal statements or pictures throughout the day, energy is unleashed. This energy creates the power to achieve new behaviors. Outcomes as varied as increased concentration, athletic ability, business achievement, and reaffirmation with those you love have been reported. Focus is power, power is focus!

We think you will agree that these are the most meaningful watches ever made. HAMLIN Portrait Time links us, every minute, to someone or something we care deeply about. This is not just a product-it is a cause itself-to love, to celebrate, to heal, to remember, to galvanize strength and support.

You will notice that there is a spiral on the lift tab of every HAMLIN Portrait timepiece. This spiral is the universal symbol for "life as a journey." Each of us has different paths to follow to realize our goals.

At HAMLIN Portrait, we know that our path has been to manufacture this timepiece and bring it to you. It has been a long road from the inception of the idea to the creation of our beautiful, high quality, solid stainless steel product. We are grateful that we can now provide an innovative way to help you stay present in your life.